Benefits of Hill Walking for Starters

Benefits of Hill Walking for Starters

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Benefits of Hill Walking for Starters


Are you tired of the strains that your routine activities are giving you? Are you experiencing burnout in the office and don’t know where to divert your attention? Or you are just too bored in running in your treadmill and carrying those weights to release the toxins away your system? Well, one of the best ways to conquer all these hard realities that your life is throwing at you is through hill walking. You may not be adventurous and not an outdoor person, but this activity is much more enjoyable that how boring it sounds for starters. It is not hard as mounting climbing though, but not as bad as your treadmill. Here are the reasons why you should start your hill walking career as soon as you can.

Improves Physical Health


Going to the gym is one of your best options to remove those excess fats and tone those muscles. Of course, you might disagree with going to the hills for a walk when in fact you can adjust your treadmill’s setting for that. But hill walking would get you far more than walking. Aside from it gives you different pace, you are also in control of your speed. This is also good for those individuals who have heart problems and cannot just easily hit the treadmill that easy. Aside from your own control of movement, you can enjoy the breath of fresh air, which is really good for the lungs.

Reuniting with Nature

It is believed that in order to find peace in life is to reconnect with nature. Listening to the wind, feeling the heat of the sand, observing how the trees sway along with the chirping of the birds is indeed a very relaxing activity. It is like doing yoga, but you can touch nature for real. Hill walking gives all these benefits for free.

Detoxify from Stress


In association to reuniting with nature, hill walking can detoxify all the stresses, depressions and anxieties that you get every day either from work or at home. It is an essential to go outdoors once you feel that you want to escape from the harsh realities you are in. Walking uphill or downhill, trekking through different routes with altering difficulties makes your body divert all the negativities running in your system. Your mental abilities are also exercised because you solve problems like how to trace the best way uphill or which way to go when there are obstacles in your walking track.

A Good Way for Socializing

You can spice up your hill walking activity by going in groups which makes the activity fun and exciting. It is much enjoyable when there are people whom you can share your experience with than going solo. Or you could also meet new friends with the same interest as you during the process. You could further your activity from hill walking to camping overnight, or whichever activity you like (e.g. star gazing, camp fire).

Indeed, hill walking is not only one of the best form of exercising, but also a way in healing the burns and piles of worries and negativities you get every day. It is beneficial for your physical, mental and emotional health. You can also turn it from an occasional activity to a hobby which is exciting and healthy.

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