Best Places to Go for a Hill Walking Activity

Best Places to Go for a Hill Walking Activity

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Best Places to Go for a Hill Walking Activity

Engaging in sports activities is a fun way not only to work out your body from fats, or freeing your mind from your daily worries. It is also a way of visiting various places in some parts of the world. One of the most common activities for beginner and sports enthusiasts alike is hill walking. It is an enjoyable ways of discovering nature at its best. Here are five of the most beautiful places that you could visit for your hill walking activity.

way-983994_960_720Glencolmcille Peninsula in Southwest Donegal, Ireland

This is one of the most visited walking areas in Europe. You could enjoy the scenery with its well-formed landscape, the magnificence of its coastal areas and the archaeology that lies with it. It is also a decent place for writers because it is surrounded by historical structures like old court tomb, which is said to be 5,000 years old, spiral carvings and old portal dolmens which had been there for 4,000 of years. Truly, you could not go wrong with this place for your hill walking experience. Not only you can enjoy the scenery, but you can engulf yourself in the rich historical relics that you can experience while hiking in Ireland.

El Camino de Santiago in Spain

If you are planning to have a long period of trail experience, El Camino de Santiago is the best place for you. It is definitely famous because a lot of pilgrims have trekked its beautiful high plains and hills like the hills of Galicia and Castilla. You can plan your 10-day trek through the long pilgrimage route starting from Pamplona, Spain to Cabo Fisterra. This place works wonders because you will be able to explore spectacular places as well as religious historical places.

Durmitor National Park in Montenegro

If you want to add more adventure in your trekking experience, Durmitor National park situated in Montenegro can give you more satisfaction. Aside from the vast plains, it is famous for its virgin forests, large flora and fauna, vast greenery and perfect overnight mountain camp. Additionally, the said park has its large ski resort and other cycling and water activities. Be sure to plan your trip so that you could get the most of its terrific beauty.

italian-landscape-mountains-nature-largeHilltop Villages in Tuscany, Italy

Now, if you are into one day hill walking trips, but wants to visit a lot of places in a short period of time, then the hilltop villages in Tuscany, Italy offers the best hilltop walking and hiking adventure. One of the most famous hilltop villages in the area is Fosdinovo which gives a picture-perfect view of the Apuan Alps and the Mediterranean Sea. Alternatively, Barg, a small hill town in the Media Valle of Serchio River, offers festivity particularly in the summer times. The main attraction of the place is the Romanesque Duomo, which is a Renaissance building and theatre. Lastly, one of the best hilltop villages in Italy is Collodi, which is said to be derived from the name of Carlo Collodi, the author of the story “The Adventure of Pinocchio”.

Alsace Wine Trail, France

Looking for a place to maximize your hill walking experience and savor the taste of thousand year-old wines? Then, Alsace Wine Trail in France is suited for you. Starting from Thann to Marlenheim, the route passes through a series of villages and towns with a breathtaking picturesque of fresh vines. Its plains and hills are a seamless place to walk by because you can sense the history and art of the nature. Plus, you will also get to meet the best wine makers in the world.

Hill walking is not just about going to places but going to very magnificent, history enriched and soul satisfying sceneries in some of the best hillside places in the world. These are just some of the wondrous places you could visit. You could choose from a wide range of choices depending on your choice. The important thing is that you enjoy and learn throughout the experience.


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