Hill Walking Equipment Essentials

Hill Walking Equipment Essentials

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Hill Walking Equipment Essentials

You probably have discovered and decided to go hill walking. You and your friends are ready to experience a new height, which is different from clubbing, going to the beach, or island hopping.  You are excited and perhaps packing your things. But how prepared are you? Do you already know the essentials or equipment needed before pushing through that hill walking activity aside from packing your own personal belongings? Well, here is a guide or a checklist of the things that you need and those that might get handy during your hill walking escapade.

Proper Attire

In any form of activity, the first thing consideration is the type of clothes you should wear. This is indeed a necessity because inappropriate attire would likely to cause you trouble and even accidents. Hill walking attire usually is composed of Jackets, shirts and extra shirts, socks, shoes (preferably boots), hats or caps, sunglasses, gloves and scarfs. Remember that you should also look after the weather condition of the place you are going to. If the hill you are going to trek is in a very hot area, then you could opt for lightweight clothes. But, if the area would be foggy or somewhat cold for the season, then thick clothing is required.


Map and Compass

Now, you have by now packed your attire and are ready to hike that hill. But don’t rush. Though you are already knowledgeable of your route, you should bring with you a map and a compass. There is no excuse for this one because at some point, though you think you are well versed of the path going to your area of destination, unexpected conditions like changes in the physical surroundings as what you have seen it before or from what you have scanned on the internet might not be the same when you are already there. This two are the things you should NEVER forget in any kind of trips, particularly because you cannot always trust your phone’s signal.

Food and Drinks

To keep you full and hydrated all throughout your hill walking activity, of course, food and drinks should never be left out. When considering what food to bring, it should be instants or those which can be easily eaten or doesn’t need complex cooking. You can bring biscuits and noodles for the activity. To keep you from being dehydrated, it is advisable to try drinks with high electrolytes level or those called as sports drink. Always remember to drink all throughout the trip even if you don’t feel thirsty.


First Aid Kit

In any form of event, first aid kit is one of the vital things that should not be overlooked. Additionally, hill walking, as easy as it sounds, is a very rigorous activity, especially when you are trying to go trekking on hills or mountains that have never been restructured for such activity. Of course, you may not be expecting accidents during the trip, but as the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. So, don’t forget to bring medicines, disinfectants, band aids and bandages, as well as liniments or ointments.

Other General Gears

This type of kit includes knife, lighting (e.g. torch or lamp), batteries, and sleeping bags in case you will camp overnight, insect repellent lotions, bags and markers, whatever is necessary for you. Be sure that you only bring what is needed so you would not worry how to carry them.

As a whole, hill walking is a jam-packed activity that does not only require energy but also proper planning. Unquestionably, it is unlikely to go somewhere with no initial know-how. Aside from the things to bring as stated above, always be sure to pack lightly, enjoy the trip, take every step slowly and be sure to enjoy and recapture new strength and have a revitalized mindset from the experience.

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