Hill Walking – Food Choices, Preparations, and Supplements to Increase Endurance While on Trail

Hill Walking – Food Choices, Preparations, and Supplements to Increase Endurance While on Trail

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Hill Walking – Food Choices, Preparations, and Supplements to Increase Endurance While on Trail

Going for a hill walking activity is not just about burning fats and looking for a perfect place to camp. You must also take into account the food you should bring and as well as the supplements that you need in order for you to keep going while trekking. Yes, it is advised to pack lightly during this kind of activity, but this recommendation does not equate to lesser food preparation, or unhealthy food planning rather. You need more food than the usual days because you are to burn more energy and you need to replenish them too during the process. Here are some tips for food choices, preparations, and supplements that you could bring and take in order for you to endure the energy draining hill walking activity.

Start your food intake right


As a rule of thumb, you should not skip breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. You could eat oats and cereals because it will give you enough energy to keep you going during your hill walking activity.

Bring foods that are easy to eat but full of nutrients


Packing lightly for your meals does mean getting those bags of chips because they can easily be stuffed inside your bag, but to bring foods that are less in weight yet heavy in nutrients. Examples are sandwiches, chocolate bars and dried fruits, breakfast bars, pancakes, bread, cheese, nuts and dried vegetables. These are just examples. You could bring any type of food you like as long as it is lightweight but full of nutrients.

Prepare food per meals

This is the most effective way of calculating your intake and the food you could take with you. It is highly effective if you could divide it per meal time: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or you could opt to have container color coding so you would know where to pick your next meal. Moreover, your food preparation should depend on the number of days of your activity.

Brings lots and lots of water or drinking fluids


You cannot survive hill walking without water, of course. That’s why it should be on top of your bucket list. During normal days, you may avoid drinks with more sugar and caffeine, but not in this kind of activity. Always remember to drink water even though you are not thirsty. You can also opt for sports drink because they have electrolytes or you can simply add sodium in your water to avoid dehydration. Remember, don’t forget to drink.

Take Appropriate Supplements.

When taking supplements to increase endurance during hill walking, it does not mean that you should take all the vitamins from A to Z. It just equates in taking vitamins or supplements which are appropriate for you to endure the strenuous walking activity. Supplements that you should take should be rich in

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